Blood Pressure Chart

A website which helps you manage your blood pressure.

Convenient access

Add and view your blood pressure records wherever you are. At home, work or your doctor's office.

The chart

Notice long-term trends on an interactive chart.


Analyze your blood pressure statistics.


Let your doctor see your data, charts and statistics at any time. It will help him help you.

E-mail reminders

Blood Pressure Chart can remind you when it's time to measure your blood pressure.

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What is it?

Blood Pressure Chart lets you keep track of your blood pressure records, analyze and share them with your doctor.

Who is it for?

It is meant to be used by people who check their blood pressure regularly, especially those suffering from high blood pressure (hypertension).

What others say?

"This made it very easy to discuss her blood pressure, address concerns over it and come up with an agreeable plan of treatment and follow-up."
"If you've got hypertension, this is your future. Take control of your life and help your doctor understand and personalize your treatment."
"... you don’t have to maintain a logbook yourself, this application will plot the data for you [...], give you trends and gives you ability to [...] email it to your doctor."
"I think that many people are just overwhelmed by the idea of using a full PHR software system, but they would be likely to use a simple application like this."