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Pulse Pressure a risk factor for over 50 years old group


This article indicates that the older we get, the more "pulse pressure" becomes a big risk factor.

Contrary to what we might think, BP 140/70 results in higher risk than BP 140/90 due to increased pulse pressure indicated by the BP 140/70 reading.

Are there any studies you have read that support or disagree with this?

BTW, pulse pressure is simple to calculate:


systolic minus diastolic

I'm interested in this too. I've joined an online group to look at PP outcomes.
One research paper suggests that high PP - 60, 70 + - is ok for people over the age of 70 but. Another research paper suggests that PPs that high in people under 60 has poorer outcomes and for those under age 50 stoke and heart attacks are a significant risk
I've had a couple of TIAs.

At first it looked like simple arithmetic. Then as I thought about it, I concluded that it measured the pressure in the short interval between heartbeats. If my heart is like my folded fist, then pulse pressure must be in that split second when my fist is tightly closed. If that pressure reading is increasing then it must be due to an increasing volume of blood in the heart chambers.
I am a horticulturist by training and experience and I liken the circulatory system to an irrigation system - pump, valves, pipes and tubes.
Historically I have had 'low' BP; so when the diastolic reading started inching upward six months or so ago, I became concerned. I was put on medication. During a routine screening about two months ago, they found AFIB. 3 weeks ago I went through the TEE and electrocardiogram routine. I have had NO discernible symptoms
So, was the upward tick of the diastolic reading an indicator of the AFIB condition?

Apparently, either pulse pressure or mean arterial pressure has to be high enough to enable blood to reach all parts of the body. If I can relate it to a sprinkler system, pulse pressure is what keeps the spray pattern steady and even.
If not the pop-up head will go up and down in a rhythmic fashion and the grass farther away will not get the same amount of watering.
My trouble is that I do not know which one does what.

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