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Doctors and preachers

Do you find that your doctor is more of a preacher than a doctor?
My doctor insisted that I start taking Statins because she said my Cholesterol was high? I told her that as a nurse I have been reading a lot of research on the dangers of Statins and told my stupid doctor to get her facts right before preaching to me about lowering my Cholesterol (which is 7). Doctor could not answer a simple question of what is that meaningless number? Also told doctor that 75% of her brain (If she has one?)is made up of cholesterol, and by lowering it could cause memory loss, which seems to have happened in her case. She seemed upset by this:0)

Don't know about yours, but my doctor is a general practitioner. The have to deal with every condition thrown their way, so they cannot be experts in everything they do.

In Poland, we have a medical specialty - hypertensiologist (my translation). They created it like 10 years ago and special clinics came along with it (there's one in my city). These guys deal strictly blood pressure related issues and I imagine high blood pressure is 90% of what they do. I've read a year or two ago that the ministry of health plans to remove this specialty... in a country where 68% of adults have hypertension (according to Wikipedia). Go figure.

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