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what condition leads you to use this site

Hi everyone, this is a fantastic site and congratulate Muszek. I have a paroxsymal arrhythmia (irregular pulse that comes and goes!) I use the site to monitor when my heartrate is tachycardic (eg.very fast) and when my BP drops as a result. I am a member of the Atrial Fibrilation group on yahoo and I am going to post a recommendation to its members to come and use this site, its invaluable to us to get info to our docs.

My condition is hypertension (we're still trying to find its cause).

Off topic:
My BP monitor has an icon that flashes when an arrhythmia is detected. I was thinking of adding a checkbox in the 'add a new record' form that would allow to mark it.
Do you think it's a good idea? I don't know much about arrhythmia...

I think that is an excellent idea. When i use a BP monitor sometimes the heartbeat is regular and normal and at other times it is irregular. It is at these times that it is important that I mark down any symptoms I am experiencing at the same time, for example if my heart beat is irregular and I have chest pain or shortness of breath or if I have no symptoms at all. What you find is that when my heartbeat is irregular my BP will automatically drop as the heart is pumping inefficiently at that time.

I've added an arrhythmia indicator. There's a checkbox in the "add a new record" form and an icon in the table (you can see it in action @ ).

Is it OK? As I've said, I don't know much about arrhythmia (and perhaps I should, since that icon blinks from time to time...).

Thanks muszek that is excellent. This means when i notice an irregular pulse i can tick the arrythymia box and if i have a normal regular pulse i can leave it blank. Cheers mate

Great site!! I use it to monitor BP since diagnosed with hypertension summer of 2010 @ 60. This site + Ramipril is keeing me healthy.

Laura, may I ask if you have used any other meds before finding out that the Ramipril was the best choice? I'm using Diovan myself but am always curious for more knowledge.


Chris, Ramipril is the 1st med my cardiologist prescribed. He said he had used it himself for abt 5 yrs--if it's good for him, i guess it's good for me.

Thanks, Laura!

What a wonderful, easy to use application, for years I have been scribbling my results of bits of paper and losing the whole plot.! Now its all so easy. Many thanks.

Have hypertension, BP is always in the 200+/115+ and still trying to find a med that suits. Been on Amlopodine 5mg and 10mg and Ramapril 1.25mg, 250mg, 5mg and 10mg, been taken off meds for 2 weeks and ended up in Coronary Care, back onto Ramapril again, but makes no difference to BP so a change of meds yet again this week. I live in hope!!


Thanks so much I have hypertension. and this site is so help full.

Had a heart attack two weeks ago aged just under 60. Never had blood pressure issues but the doc asked me to keep an eye on it.

I have hypertension and inappropriate sinus tacky (IST) a form of dysautonomia related possibly to POTS.
Have other stuff too but the reason I'm charting is mainly the hypert and IST.
I am taking part in an online research into pulse pressure so I'm adding that number into the comments box; but it would be great if the chart could map it too :)
Thanks for a great site. --- oh no, that sounds like spam and I don't like tinned meat.

Hiya - first post. Put onto Ramipril last Thursday for hypertension and got a BP Monitor - and soon got tired of looking at raw numbers in a TXT file. Used YahooSearch and found this site. Seems fine so far!

I love this site, congratulate Muszek! GOD will bless you, for doing this site, you have kind heart.

(congratulate Muszek!)congratulation

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