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Printing stylesheets reintroduced

I forgot to check how printing works after the redesign - and it had some glitches. Nobody complained until yesterday - it's fixed now :)

Thanks for the great work
Is ther a way of printing these results out,
Regards Phill U.K.

Just visit the table ( ) and try printing it as you would any other web page (CTRL+P or File->print on most systems).

I wrote a special stylesheet for printing - it hides all the unnecessary elements, such as navigation menus, icons and all the pretty glitter - it just leaves raw data in a rather simple table.

Does it work ok for you?

Hi Muszek. The table printing works very well, and it comes out very clean without the bits you have suppressed. However, I cannot seem to get the chart image to come out on the printer. Using the Print Screen protocol you mentioned it only shows the header and the footer, but not the chart. Any further advice please ?

The chart is made in Adobe Flash, so it's hit & miss. Maybe try different browsers? Google Chrome has its own printing module, maybe it handles it better than the one provided by the operating system. It works just fine on my computer (I'm using Linux).

Hi Muszek. is it possible to print my Chart & my Stats?

Easy way round this is to use the Windows snipping tool, go to start and then all programs,find snipping tool in accessories drop down menu, right click and sent shortcut to desktop.
Now any time you wish to copy your chart or stats just use the snipping tool to make a printable copy or a record to keep in a folder.
Make it simple, make it work, make it easy!

Thanks Cor! God bless you.

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