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Time Systolic Diastolic HR Comment
Sep 28th 2010, 23:241147763Sat in bed on computer, heartbeat regular
Sep 28th 2010, 13:421198269just thought I would take another reading. Heart rate regular
Sep 28th 2010, 13:331228367occasional irregular beat but mostly steady. Just had small diet lunch. slight occasional intermittent chest discomfort left side. Reading took over shirt.
Sep 28th 2010, 07:151128357Beat appears regular. Asymptomatic
Sep 27th 2010, 13:171178757have spent the morning relaxing in bed surfing the net :-)
Sep 27th 2010, 10:111198565very slight and ocassional angina type pain in left side of chest. Ocassional irregular beat, but generally asyptomatic. Just had medication and 28g all bran breakfast
Sep 27th 2010, 09:421188365Heartbeat appears regular. Asymptomatic
Sep 27th 2010, 09:401178167Left arm reading for comparison. Asymptomatic. ocassional irregular beat now
Sep 27th 2010, 09:381208268heart beat shows regular on monitor. Asymptomatic
Sep 27th 2010, 09:351228469heart rate come back down to normal, occasional irregular beat now showing
Sep 27th 2010, 09:3411783158irregular heartbeat shown on monitor. Just woke up. Asymptomatic
Sep 27th 2010, 00:021178566sat in bed surfing net. Asymptomatic
Sep 26th 2010, 08:281097661Heart beat regular. Have got a bit of a cold coming on. Bit bunged up
Sep 25th 2010, 20:351117469irregular heartbeat, asymptomatic. Just had hot bath.
Sep 25th 2010, 07:291097559heart rate slightly irregular. Asymptomatic at present, sat up in bed
Sep 24th 2010, 22:581127956felt like a flutter in chest so immediately took this BP reading
Sep 24th 2010, 22:521148559solid steady beat, asymptomatic, sat in bed surfing net
Sep 24th 2010, 22:441088459Heartbeat steady but slightly Bradycardic at 58 BPM some readings showing as low as 54 BPM
Sep 24th 2010, 09:371167958woke up 10 mins ago, still in bed. occasional irregular beat on monitor but asymptomatic
Sep 24th 2010, 00:461057366sat in bed surfing computer
Sep 24th 2010, 00:421187967heartbeat appears regular on BP machine. Done lots of walking today, some occasional chest discomfort but appeared to be relieved by burping???
Sep 23rd 2010, 10:041138265Heartbeat now showed regular just a few minutes after last reading so it appears irregularity is paroxysmal.
Sep 23rd 2010, 10:021108468got a run of 4 quick beats in a row on BP monitor. Systolic dropped and diastolic gone up?. No chest pains or SOB
Sep 23rd 2010, 09:561217778Just woke up, I sneezed just before the machine started. Remarkably the heartrate appeared to shoot up. I will take again in 2 minutes
Sep 22nd 2010, 22:231157265ocassional irregular beat. Very mild and ocassional chest discomfort that happens for a few seconds and then goes
Sep 22nd 2010, 07:441137760Woke up 10 mins ago, still in bed. ocassional irregular beat on BP Monitor
Sep 21st 2010, 21:111127867relaxing in house. Had busy day. Slight chest discomfort left side of breast bone but only mild. Heart rate regular.
Sep 21st 2010, 07:201157759Woke up 15 mins ago, still in bed. Occasional extra beat
Sep 20th 2010, 22:101116866right arm reading. Irregular pulse, asymptomatic
Sep 20th 2010, 22:041287962Left arm reading
Sep 20th 2010, 22:031217858relaxing in house. Just walked upstairs to get into bed. Heart beat steady
Sep 20th 2010, 07:331168160just woke up, regular pulse. seeing Dr earl at 08.35, need perscription for meds as running low and sick note. Will take ECG readouts from paramedics when last episode occurred
Sep 19th 2010, 22:241127558have been in bed for a few hours surfing net. Heart beat regular
Sep 19th 2010, 19:501148462left arm reading
Sep 19th 2010, 19:491237762single ectopic beat showed on heart symbol on BP monitor. Currently asymptomatic. relaxing in house
Sep 19th 2010, 07:241158158right arm reading
Sep 19th 2010, 07:221198261Just had small breakfast and took medication. Left arm reading will immediately take right arm reading
Sep 19th 2010, 07:121087454heart beat irregular at times
Sep 19th 2010, 07:061188457left arm reading. Significant difference in diastolic between left and right arm
Sep 19th 2010, 07:041176757woke up, still in bed. occasional discomfort in left chest. Heart beat steady on monitor.
Sep 18th 2010, 20:171187868have got chest discomfort. Heart beat appears steady on BP monitor. No other symptoms like SOB or nausea.
Sep 18th 2010, 20:161127666Have got chest pain. Sat on bed. The pain is over the left breast. Been on and off discomfort all day
Sep 18th 2010, 08:561218670had chest pains during sex/exertion. pains now subsided. Irregular HR on monitor.
Sep 18th 2010, 07:471118167had a good nights sleep. Heartbeat looks regular on monitor
Sep 17th 2010, 22:051147967some irregular beats, had chest discomfort this evening. unsure if it is related to burping / indigestion.
Sep 17th 2010, 19:191268165some chest discomfort this afternoon and palpitations when painting landrover. Scary feeling when heart fluctuates
Sep 17th 2010, 07:301167962Just woke up, had breakfast in bed
Sep 16th 2010, 22:191168275irregular beats showing on BP machine. Asymptomatic. Had busy day, lots of walking, just got into bed.
Sep 16th 2010, 08:591168361Just woke up, Still in bed, ocassional extra beat on BP monitor
Sep 15th 2010, 19:571228663sat in bed, occasional chest discomfort but mostly asymptomatic. irregular pulse

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