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Changing your avatar?

I have been sending messages to the "contact" menu button and it messaging system, but get no response. HOW DO YOU ADD INFORMATION TO YOUR PROFILE? HOW DO ADD or CHANGE ANATAR/PHOTOS on this web site? Is this just some bizzar test to raise your Blood Pressure?

I fugured one out now onto the prfile.

What I meant to type was; I figured one problem about the Photo/Avatar posting, now onto the problem adding profile information.

Now I have it all figured out, I welcome myself to the Blood Pressure Chart Web Site.


I did get 2 e-mails and I did respond to both of them. Does your e-mail start with spsullivan58@?

In fact, your e-mails prompted me to notice a bug I introduced last month that messed up the "edit my information" feature (fixed it right away).

Thank you Mr. Muszek for your quick response, my e-mail does start with spsullivan58. A Heart Transplant awaits me at some point in my future. So your web site is quite helpful to my Doctor and me and determining exactly when a Transplant may be needed. So far Medication and an implanted Defibrillator / Pacemaker have staved off the Transplant for the time being. Thanks again for your assistance in staying informed, 53 is too young to leave this earth and with two teenage girls to raise I need all the time the ultimate power will allow me.

I'm happy the website helps. Good luck with your recovery... .

As for the e-mail, it's not a good sign that these e-mails are not going through... could you please send a regular e-mail (not via the contact form here) to muszek [at] gmail [dot] com? I'd like to know what's causing the problem.

Got your e-mail and replied, never heard back, guess you got the issue resolved.

Ah, sorry... I didn't think you'd be interested in knowing it too. I still don't know what caused the problem, though :/

SO how do i change my picture ,he said he found out how to do it but never said how he did it!!!!

willwoni: register at http://gravatar.com with the same e-mail address that you used to register here. Then upload your picture there.

I have just tried using the Gravatar website, to no avail. What am I doing wrong?

On a side note, I really love the site. It looks very nice and is very easy to use. I will definitely be recommending it to patients!

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