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This is a great, well thought out and constructed web site. I use it daily and I want to thank you for letting myself and others benefit from it. It's very practical and simple to use, accurate and serves its purpose wonderfully. Thanks!!!

Thank you :)

I have thank you before for this site, and again I want to thank you because you have helped me disciplined myself to take my BP daily and record it on this site.

Can I add my thanks as well please. Found this site at the weekend and it has been invaluable already, especially as I have just been diagnosed as having high blood pressure and I wanted to monitor it to make sure it wasn't just 'white coat syndrome.' Now I can keep an eye on it myself in between appointments. Thanks again!

What a great site. Just been diagnosed with high blood pressure,so this site serves me well to monitor my blood pressure. Many thanks for creating the site.

This site has no end of help to me after heart surgery,excellent and many thanks

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