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Been taking 5mgs of Felodipine now for 9 months, and about a month ago my ankles started swelling up. I went to the doctor who examined me and wondered if it was the drug. I have to have a blood test but have been away on holiday so still not had the blood test. Feeling this morning like I have a temp, but it's only 35.9c? I've got aches and pain in my fingers and I'm feeling chilly,it's warm in my house so it's not that.Is anyone else feeling or has felt like this while on the drug?

I do sometimes feel pain (not a big one, but it's annoying) in my fingers, just below fingernails. When it happens I can usually "feel" my pulse... for example when I'm falling asleep and my head lies on a pillow, I can hear it and my veins are pulsating somewhere on the body (hands, arms or head).

I'm not really sure what's my BP then - on one hand I'm usually too lazy to check and my memory is probably worse than anybody's that you know :)

Have a look at my chart as I have stopped using Felodipine so time ago when I was vomiting. I just took my BP and it's 112/66 pulse 67 which is great. I find that the more laid back I am the lower my BP. I'm still ordering the drug from my doctor as she would try to get me straight back on the drug, well it's a big money maker!

Heh... you're a perfect client :)

I quit my drug (Tertensif Kombi - 5mg/1.25mg of perindoprilum argininum / indapamidum) for 3 months and started seeing results after 2-3 months. When I went back to ~145/95, I started taking those pills again. Can't say I find it easy to relax, though.

Still not taken Felodipine and still feeling great. Sometime when I'm tired my Bp spikes high, but I don't worry about that as it's normal. Just been reading about the Cholesterol con! As sometime ago my doctor told me mine was 8 and therefore I must start taking Statins? I refused as it's just a load of dangerous rubbish and a big money maker, telling people they will die of a stroke or a Myocardial infarction if they don't take statins.

http://www.coq10foods.com/coq10-benefits/#more-9 A very interesting articular, and one which will help lower my BP without the use of man made dangerous drugs?


Have you started using it? How is it working for you?

Not that I know anything about this stuff, but I think it's generally better to get information from sources that don't earn money selling stuff they write about.

Went to doctor a few months ago, with migraines and she took BP 210/115. Seemed a little worried? So now back on 5mgs Flodipine and 40 mgs 3 a day Propanilol. Migraines gone, Bp 120/60 pulse 52,sex life gone as I can't get an erection. swollen ankles back, dry cough, pain in joints, tired all the time and don't feel like moving off chair, out of breath climbing any stairs. So if I don't die of a stroke from high blood pressure. I'll die of being a couch potato.

Now retired and have stopped Felodipine and Propranolol. Feeling great and BP now normal.No migraines.No swelling ankles and no bloody doctor giving me advise to take loads of unwanted drugs.

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