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How often do you measure your blood pressure?

I try to do it twice a day, at 8:00 and at 22:00 - at least that's when I get my reminders. I'm usually late with the morning reading (I simply wake up later) and tend to skip readings when something unusual happens (I've just had a big meal, had a few beers on the night before, etc.).

Sometimes I make an out-of-order measurement, when I feel the pressure is high (usually the feeling turns out to be wrong), but it doesn't happen too often ever since I'm on meds.

I take my readings twice daily, once when i wake and once just before I go to bed. I also take ad-hoc readings if I think my heart rate is irregular. I have an arrhythmia that is currently under diagnostic investigation. This tool is helping me to do that.

i take bp measurements when i get up in the AM. it's always very low in the am. i then do it again after a cup of coffee. slight increase in bp.

i do have a question, you said that 3 bp measurements can be taken 1 minute apart. this conflicts with what i understand that bp should only be taken no sooner than 10 min apart. i'm a bit confused.

I've read it somewhere. Can't remember where exactly, but here's plenty of examples: http://www.google.pl/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=%22minute+apart%22+blood+pressure

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Hi my BP monitor only allows me to test my BP after every 5mins, a useful website thanks.

2x/day, sometimes 3 or 4/day. I follow the 5-10 minute rule between readings. Ever since I was diagnosed with hypertensive retinopathy, I can rely on the one eye to clue me in on whether my bp is high. Symptom: clouded area in lower quadrant of vision area, due to tiny blood vessels bursting, affecting back of the eye. First noticed during optomotrist visits, who also found tiny lesions from past blood vessels bursting. Physical activity, meditation (40 minutes)plus meds, remedies the problem.

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i typically check my BP a couple times a month,at different times during the day.
If i am out and about in the stores (ie..walmart,cvs etc..) i will take it there also.

I also am doing mine twice daily - in order to ensure my hypertension is down and kept stable by recently started medication.
Use the option to do three readings provided by Muszek and get a better reading I think as a result. Have found in fact need to be rested five minutes or so before recording first reading - they always seem to start higher and then reduce over 10 minutes of so of immobility and relaxation.

Hi I moved to a new town and registered with a doctor.I went for a check up with the nurse who said my blood pressure was high and make an appointment for me to see the doctor. She decided to change the medication from 2.5mgs felodipine to Candesrtan 8mgs. Well the first day I felt fine but after that I was unable to walk far as felt very ill and S.O.B terrible headache.Stuck it out for two weeks, stopped walking headache so bad and no pain killers helped. When to a different doctor in the practice who change me back to 5 mgs felodipine. So I stopped taking either for a day (yesterday) went for a long walk with family and today headache gone and feeling much better. BP now 118/63 42 pulse on resting

Ops sorry forgot to say I take BP almost every day morning and evening

I usually take my every morning when I wake up. However my neurologist encouraged me to take it at night as well, so now I do a reading in the morning when I get up and one at night when I go to bed. Times vary as my wake up and go to sleep times vary.

Why do we all take our BP twice a day? After all when you get up in the morning it should be lower than later when you have been on a 5 mile run? Perhaps our doctors want us to take our bp regular and report our findings so they can prescribe higher dosages and more medication, equals paid holidays by pharmaceutical companies?

My father goes nordic walking and claims that his BP is lower afterwards.

My guess would be doctors are interested in knowing your worse results. The better ones are less relevant. If you're 120/80 in the morning (I'm exaggerating on purpose) and 180/160 in the evening, the former result is not the one that needs medical attention.

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