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What's your story?

My story is simple: I was diagnosed with hypertension mid last year. Nothing gravely serious: I had readings around 145/92 (sometimes up to 16x range, rarely below 140). Tried changing my lifestyle - started exercising, ate much less salt (my diet is generally rather healthy), quit smoking (I do have a few once a week or two). It didn't do anything for me.

Around the end of May I started exercising like crazy (every single day for 1.5 months - either rock climbing or 1500m in the swimming pool). Still no change.

Around that time I looked around for a decent way to store my readings. Wasn't happy with any existing solution, so I made this site.

My first contact doctor prescribed Tritace 2.5. Guess what - my pressure didn't drop a bit.

Then I went to a specialized hypertension clinic. We're still running some additional tests (public healthcare takes time :) ) and they gave me Tertensif 5mg/1.25mg. Finally, my pressure dropped to just above normal. I feel better, but got lazy and don't exercise that much anymore :/.

What about you?

A friend has recently been in real trouble with her blood pressure - 200/100. Lots of dealings with her doc.

This prompted me to dig out a wrist monitor that someone had given me a while ago, but which I had never really bothered with. I am now 62, and all my adult life, whenever my BP had been taken, the comment was always "High Normal", and no importance was attached to this.

Well, my blood pressure seems to have remained much the same, but I found that the definition has changed to "Prehypertensive" - I didn't think a change in the words had changed anything in my body.

But my friend's experience, and the fact that I smoke and drink, prompted me to get methodical, and that is where I find your site so very useful. I would never have fussed with notebooks and calculating averages.

Being the sort of person to take a lot of samples before reaching any conclusion, I have done triple measurements at least three times a day for the past week, and have been very happy to let your site do all the averaging, and show me the patterns in such an easily readable way. So much easier than messing about with graph paper and coloured pens ...

For this I am very grateful indeed. You have in fact enabled me to make sense of it all, by offering an easy way to get at the reality, not scaring myself with a stray high reading, nor getting smug about a low one. An excellent bullshit filter.

I am happy to say that my figures do not cause me alarm. Given my age, and my bad habits, a pretty steady average of 132/81 may in technical terms be 'prehypertensive', but as an increasingly old fart I am probably 'pre-' a hell of a lot of things.

I shall continue to use the monitor, continue to stick the readings into your site for processing; I don't think your site is of use only for those who have a known problem, but as a sensible check, very easily performed. If, when I look at my on-screen log, I see a significant shift in the figures or the pattern, then maybe I can take some action *before* anything goes badly wrong. I hate nasty surprises.

Thank you again for a good useful job very well done.

What I missed out was the way in which I loathe being nagged in the press, occasionally in person, as we old farts so often are - to "Know my numbers". BMI/BP/cholesterol. With a BMI of something like 23.7, a BP you have helped me to fix at 132/81, my next target is to get a fresh cholesterol check. But the last one was pretty unremarkable, so maybe I won't get so many lectures.

That truly would improve my quality of life.

Mine is nothing serious. Just hypertension inherited from my parents I guess. I run a lot and weight and diet are good. My numbers have been slowly getting higher over the years, but I am not on any medications yet and I am trying to keep it that way. Past couple of times my BP was around 150/90 and so I decided I needed to do something. So I was looking for a way to record measurements and happened upon this site.

I have recorded measurements over the past 2 days and staying calm and doing some deep breathing seems to help.

Wonderful site!

Hi I am a new user and I have found this site extremely useful so thanks, my condition is related to Diabetes so I hope the information I feed in will help me for the future.I am concerned with the side effects of some medications like statins?

Nice to know that you can post BP online, nice job job there muszek, thank you

Late January 2010, first diagnosed w/hbp, 200/100, sometimes higher. I suspect it has been this way for past 5 years, maybe longer. First symptom I noticed was a degradation in one eye, my eye doctor first warned me that I had hypetensive retinopothy. Doctor office always gave me a 140/80 reading, so I ignored the early warnings. Started jogging, this seemed to help it. In the meantime, consumed heavy amounts of caffeinated diet MD at work, lots of sodium-filled foods, and, of course, stress. February: doctor decided to put me on meds, delayed it until end of Feb, went to check it out once more: 210/100. Doctor on call worried I may drop dead any minute from stroke, asked me if I had a tingling in my fingers. No, I felt fine, always have. Reluctantly began taking meds after that. Researched the topic: looks like blood vessels don't have enough nitric oxide, a gaseous molecule known to protect arterial walls from inflammation, produced by endothelium cells. Plus excess sodium doesn't get expelled from the kidneys. Caffeine doesn't help me, for sure. Beetroot juice found to lower bp, but I can't find it in grocery stores, must be a hard-to-get specialty product. Capsaicin, found in Chinese chili peppers, found to lower bp but other research found that substance can lead to skin cancer when consumed. Other research found Aliskiren can reduce bp by inhibiting the renin enzyme in kidneys, other research finds this med not as effective as ACE inhibitors. Vigorous physical activity definitely lowers bp but this does not replace meds, unfortunately. 60 year old white male, Mediterranean ancestry, low weight (135 lbs), one or two risk factors there. Diet has changed to exclude salt and caffeine, low or no sodium in ingredients. Check bp every day, sometimes 3 or 4 times p/day. Right now, bp is around 146/80, sometimes less, sometimes higher. Have not been near 200/100 for many months. Came to this web site, nice idea, little bit labor intensive with the mouse, decided to make my own chart using Excel and its charting capabilities. No forum, though. Like the web site idea, though, offers shared experiences.

I had never been diagnosed with hypertension until recently @59 when my husband & I retired and moved to PR. Many bad changes in diet. Both BP (156/90) + cholesterol (280) went up. I only have 1 kidney so Dr. told me I had to get serious about BP numbers. Tried exercise + diet but finally had to accept Ramipril + Crestor. BP (115/73) yesterday and cholesterol down also. This site is a great incentive to monitor your BP."It's what you don't know that can hurt you."

Hi all,
Thank you Muszek for the place where we can come to help us help ourselves to better manage our health..I find it so much more helpful that we can log our BP daily,weekly etc.. so that when we go to see our Physician we have a more realistic reading..ie.."white coat syndrome"..which i do..
I have been on Inderal La 80mg/Propanolol since 1987 for Hypertension..has worked beautifully all this time..I have controlled high cholesterol for which i am taking Lipitor and Coenyzyme Q-10..
i have no other health issues and no family history medical problems.(50 yrs. young)

hi all

I am writing from cd acuna coahuila, mexico.
I have 50 years of my life pressure was 120/80
smoke for 25 years, a pack daily, 4 months ago to change the cigarette, cigar-mail for more than 15 days made me study because I was feeling bad, it happened that my pressure rose at a rate of 155/90 and I had an electrocardiogram, which came out that I have a left branch does not,
adalat oros prescribed me 30 mg, one capsule daily
not only have to leave the medicine act devemos using natural methods, for example I use garlic, honey and aloe vera were a daily cup milk, birdseed.
Deveria among all the best methods
thanks friend for this site

great site, thanks. i get high readings (150/100) in my doc's office, but have been measuring at home and getting normal readings. it seems i'm a classic white coat hypertensive, but this site is going to be a great help in tracking and looking at impact of exercise, caffeine, etc. Thanks again.

Can I also add my thanks and congratulations on setting up this site Muszek. Have been regularly using it to record my bp for a few weeks now since being diagnosed with hypertension of unknown cause.
I am 60 and this came to light secondary to having a routine kidney function test (GMFR) because of long term anti-arthritic medication which showed I was in early (mild) renal failure. It seems this has been caused by the hypertension rather than the other way round.
As my bp was 165/105, my doctor advised medication right away and I have been on AMLODIPINE 5mg daily since then. My bp is now down and stable at about 110/70. Simultaneously have quit smoking (third attempt) and am starting an exercise and diet regime with view to losing about 50lbs of my current 17stone.
Really appreciate this bp monitoring tool and the associated forum - helps to know there are others with similar problems and hear their stories.

Hi All, Im new, Have been reading everyone's stories. All very interesting. I am 39 with fluctuating high blood pressure. Landed in hospital over a year ago with reading of 191/125. I was kept in hosp for two weeks with blood pressure reading all over the place. I have monitored my readings since and have to admit have become a little anxious/obsesive over taking my b/p. Took it 20 times one day and its amazing how it changes from one minute to the next. My consultant told me that my readings should be somewhere between 120 130 / 70 80, but my readings are up one minute and down the next. I also find that mine will rise to 130/90 when on the phone to someone and then minutes later its down again. I left work yesterday and took my BP when I got in the car and it was 152/89, took me 15 min to drive home upon which I decided to take it again and it was 119/72. I dont understand how it all works. Anyone shed any light?


Welcome on board :)

I too find my result varying significantly. I noticed variations have a lot to do with how I measure my BP. The longer I sit and try to do _nothing_, the lower results I get. Every deviation I do from what we were told brings the result higher (moving, talking, etc.).

Usually I sit down, try to take a "good" pose (arm rested at my desk, back pressed agains a chair), wait a few minutes before I start and then take 3 readings, waiting 1 minute between each of them. Usually every next reading is lower than the previous one (on average I'm probably going down 10 units for systolic and a bit less for diastolic pressure). And that's all while not moving almost at all (only using keyboard and mouse while waiting in between readings).

To take this variations into account, some people recommend to take 3 readings and write down the average (BP Chart can do the calculation for you).

Also, what monitor are you using? I've had a cheap (around $30) arm monitor before and variations were bigger. My current one (approx $100, Omron M6 Comfort) is more accurate. IMO those wrist monitors are worthless.

I tried just now:
* 134/86, pulse 68
* 125/82, 67
* 123/87, 68

As I've said - every next one is lower. And it's not like I did something tiresome before - I was typing this post.

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My hypertension was diagnosed several years ago. It was treated for a while, but then unemployment/underemployment meant that I ignored it for quite a while. It had gotten quite bad. I have recently returned to my doctor, and we have started working on getting it under control. She's put me on hydrochlorthiazide and lisinopril (the latter just yesterday). I've been checking my BP rather obsesssive-compulsively the past few days, and was glad to find this site and its very easy-to-use interface for keeping track of my blood pressure.

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