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To-Do List

Here are things I want to implement:
* stats and perhaps chart in the 'share your records' email
* forums: email notifications about new posts
* export to CSV http://bp-chart.com/pl/thread/ideas/A-Request
* left/right arm indicator.
Do you have any other ideas?
* table: sort by all of the columns
* pulse pressure
* handle lines with 0/0/0 results as comments
* nice printing support (was done, but I need to see how it works with a new website design - stuff could have been broken).
* mobile version - probably just new stylesheets that won't waste as much space.
* an alternative chart that doesn't use flash, so that iPhone/iPad users can use it.
* DONE, in a slightly different way... users are automatically unsubscribed (and notified) when they don't log in for a month or two (depending on whether they had daily or weekly reminders). Some people register, opt in for reminders and never come back.
* DONE. an ability to edit records
* DONE. site-wide date filter (http://bp-chart.com/thread/ideas/Chart)
* add a stage 3 range - http://bp-chart.com/pl/thread/ideas/Stage-3
* add a possibility to track more things than just bp and pulse (weight seems to be the most common request, but I guess it's better to let users label additional parameters by themselves).
* 12/24-hour time format

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For flash try the opera mobile / mini browser.
It should display a static image. the option to change the dates is gone but at least you should be able to see the default chart.

Download Opera Mobile / Mini here.

On your phone use this address:

Features etc here:


RE: Cancel Reply

Just have a default cancel date.
Example a reminder may cancel after 6 months.
Then the final reminders has a email with the option to renew.

I would like to see:
The option to email a PDF
Be able to edit an entry instead of having to retype
Ability to print black/white if color is not an option
Ability to change/modify limits: ie 120/80 currently is still good, as opposed to 119/79 being the boundary.

I need a server side solution. Opera mobile can help users, but I can't really ask them to install some software to be able to see the picture...

As for the 'cancel date', I'll probably do it, thanks.

* "The option to email a PDF. How would that be better?" Sounds like quite a bit of work (would've learn how to generate PDFs first...) and I don't see much benefit.
* "Be able to edit an entry instead of having to retype." Yeah, that's something I gotta do. Was too lazy so far, I guess :)
* "Ability to print black/white if color is not an option." I'll add custom stylesheets for printing - it will remove all the unnecessary crap (the whole header with menus, for example).
* "Ability to change/modify limits: ie 120/80 currently is still good, as opposed to 119/79 being the boundary." I was thinking about it goes against the KISS principle and doesn't offer much in return. I might do that if more people ask, though.

Option to email some sort of document in a report format would be good because not all locations that have internet access allow you to browse any and all locations at your discretion. Many times you are at the mercy of the corporate firewall and it takes an act of congress to be allowed to browse bp-chart.com. Being able to email a document in a format that firewalls and a/v software will not be suspicious of, would be a great feature.

Sorry this was left out. If the chart and stats could be added to the table that goes via email, that could be considered plan B?

@chris: chart is made in flash, I doubt it's doable, but I'll try. Stats are easier... especially if they'll be in a text format. I'm adding the request to the list.

Understood. By the way, thanks again for the site. It's MILES above others that I've seen, inclusive of some software apps. IF you are able to implement a style feature either for display and/or print, so that black and white printers could accommodate the chart/stats information, being able to generate a pdf could bypass any limitations of being able to port the information to email. The information available from the PUBLIC link, minus the site headers would be perfect.

Thanks again. I look forward to the reminder emails every day.

@Chris: what's the problem with B&W printing (other then the fact that I've done nothing to make styles more friendly for ANY printers)?

The fact that colors on chart and stats graphics aren't distinctive enough when converted to greyscale? If it's the latter, we could simply experiment with different color palettes...

I'm not sure of how programs do it these days, but several years ago, when the application was configured for B/W print, something like a bar graph, for example, would be displayed/printed using hatch combinations. The last few pages of this document: http://www-personal.umich.edu/~jpboyd/sciviz_1_graphbadly.pdf crudely illustrate what I'm talking about. Something like a line graph could be illustrated using features of a histogram. Again this is for information purposes only and may be more trouble than it's worth. Lemme know!

More to the point, as you noted, it's the color conversion to greyscale that I would say is the issue.

I've just pushed the latest commit, which lets you edit records. Go to your table (http://bp-chart.com/table) and test it out!

@Chris: thanks for reminding me. This deficiency was a bit lame :). And oh, nice avatar :)

The EDIT feature is first class! Many thanks!

Would it be possible for an email notification of updates to a particular forum, ie when there is a new post?

@Chris: yes, I've added that to the list. Thanks.

I noticed the change upon adding a new reading...the banner no longer expands vertically. Very smooth. Thanks!

Instead of flash, could you use the Google Chart tools API?


lol, nevermind =)

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