First post!

I've received quite a few emails regarding the site - some nice ideas, bug reports, help requests and much appreciated "good job" messages. Some of them

On the other hand, I wanted a way to let you know what's going on with the site. So I've hacked these forums.

Please feel encouraged to write about what you'd like to see ("Ideas" forum), report any problems with the site ("Bugs"), talk about your health ("Health" :) ) or anything else that comes to your mind ("General Discussion").

If you're wondering on how to get a pretty picture displayed on your profile, go to and register with the same e-mail as you did in here (don't worry, your e-mail won't leak anywhere, it's encrypted).

A smaller update: Mark suggested a way to provide some additional information about yourself (so that for example your doctor can know what meds you're on). You can do on the "settings" page. This information is displayed on your (new) profile page (click on your nickname on the top to view it), unless you're profile is set to "private".

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Thanks for the information feature on the settings page.

Hello, first I must thank you for your website that allows me to control my blood pressure, I must say that my doctor can view this site and at each visit also controls my blood pressure, thanks.

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