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Table sorting

Records in the table can now be sorted. Simply click on the column's header to sort by that column. Click again to reverse the order. Hold shift for multi-column sorting.

Please note that the sorting is done client side - only loaded records are being sorted (by default only 50 records are loaded). Click on "load older records" if - for example - you want to see your highest systolic pressure of all times.

Cursor should change to "hand with finger", when it's over the column header, that people would know that it's clicable. Maybe headers should be underlined or something, what will be suggesting to click it.

BTW: very good job making this site :)

You're right, it needed some indicator. I changed the cursor to the "pointer".

I also tried underlining captions, but they were ugly and create unnecessary distraction - it's not essential for users to discover this feature.

Thank you :)

Could the Forum listings be made to sort in the same way as the BP Tables? I.e., click the heading to sort by Forum Name, Thread, Posts, and Last Post? This would make it easier to search for a specific topic, the topics with the most threads, the most active topics, and the most recent replies.

Hmmm... I think I can't see it being used much, so I probably won't do it. Sorry.

Last edited: Jul 23rd 2012, 15:31

Okay. I'll try to get more subscribers for you; then, maybe, there will be more correspondents in the Forums.

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