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Translate BPC to your language

Blood Pressure Chart can now speak different languages. I have translated it to Polish. It's up to you if it speaks your language as well :).

At the moment of writing this, there are 248 strings to be translated. Those strings contain 1500 words. I guess a single afternoon should be enough to translate everything to a new language.

Please reply in this thread if you feel like helping out. We'll carry on from there.

Maybe I could help! I am a natural born Romanian. Maybe I could translate your site from English into good old Romanian :0!

Awesome! I'll drop you an e-mail.


I found the web very interesting. I also could offer to translate to Spanish.


I can help with Afrikaans(South Africa)and depending on my vocabulary can do it in German as well.

HI , I can translate into Dutch and check the German translation

Greate service. I can translate it into Russian

I will translate it in italian please contact me

pcasino: I've tried to contact you, but e-mails bounced back. I tried two e-mail addresses: the one you registered here with and the other one you used when filling in the contact form while being logged out.
Please contact me: muszek [atnooospam] gmail [dooot] com

I can perform translation in european spanish and european french.

Hi, I saw many messages offering translations but only Polish is available right now.
I can help on Italian, just let me know.
Thank you very much for your work!

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